As fashion trends evolve, it’s difficult to pinpoint a specific color trend for sarees in 2023 without the latest updates. However, some timeless and versatile colors that are often popular for sarees include jewel tones like emerald green, royal blue, deep red, and regal purple. Pastel shades and neutrals are also in vogue, including blush pink, mint green, and champagne.

When pairing a blouse with a pink saree, you have several options depending on the shade of pink and your personal preference. For a monochromatic look, you can choose a blouse in a similar shade of pink. Alternatively, you can opt for a contrasting color that compliments pink, such as gold, silver, cream, white, or even a deep maroon or navy blue for a bold contrast.

Trends in sarees change over time, but currently, some popular trends include:

  • Sarees with contemporary prints and patterns.
  •  Sarees with unconventional draping styles.
  •  Handloom sarees with traditional weaves and motifs.
  •  Sarees with unique blouse designs, such as cold-shoulder or backless blouses.
  •  Fusion sarees that combine traditional and modern elements, like half-and-half sarees or sarees with contrasting borders.

A saree can be accessorised using red and ivory-plated bangles that tinkle with the reminiscing music of your laughter; diamond-studded rings; heavily- sequined, neck-hugging necklaces; traditional bell-ringing ‘jhumkas’, shiny anklets that ring with your every step; and golden or embroidered belts. .

The chart we have on our product page makes it easy for you to ensure that your purchase is a perfect fit! The blouses are all different sizes, and we want them to be comfortable, which is why they come with this guide for determining what size works best.